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Cristina Milea
Kostüm- und Setdesign
Cristina Milea
Professionally speaking, I identify as a visual composer/storyteller, (stage/set and costume designer).
I was born in the late 80s in Romania. I have studied Scenography at the National Art University Bucharest, and continued with a Master’s Degree in “Upcycled art applied to Theatre visual compositions”. In the last 13 years, I have gained vast experience in Theatre productions, multimedia installations and film, and in 2020 I have created ( is an independent platform, where curious artists are welcomed worldwide to experience studies, debates, practical experiments and social comment, mixed in the form of short films and pictorials, using conceptual costume installations). I believe in personal and artistic growth through the power of the ageless international experience exchange.

My most recent research focus is towards: costumes seen as living sculptures; costume dramaturgie; biotechnology-working with biomaterials (varying from bio-pigments to bio-textiles, 3D design, digital fabrication, genetics and other forms of biotechnology), Up-cycled materials and costume-installations, combining science with art in order to create new fabrics, patterns and processing techniques.

Since 2020 I have been a costume design lecturer at Athanor Akademie, Passau (DE) where I enjoy updating my perspectives towards theatrical visions with every single student that I work with, practising fictional characters analyses through aesthetic, philosophical and historical lenses.

Currently, I am also creating the set and the costumes for the piece “Mameloschn” at Fraiberg Theater (DE), and with the platform, I collaborate with a large number of artists for a long-term project called “Born to be Purple”, where I invite performers to create together stories based on then&now female icons and perspectives, expressed in front of the camera, through hand made textures, costumes and special effects.

This year (2023) I am nominated for the UCIN Awards for the best film set design, for the feature film “Clouds of Chernobyl 1986” directed by Ligia Ciornei, (RO)
In 2022, I was nominated for the UNITER Awards for Best Scenography, (“The Star without a Name”, directed by Cristian Ban (RO))
In 2020, I was awarded with the UNITER Award for Best Scenography, (“Dangerous Liaisons" based on the script by Christopher Hampton, directed by Cristi Juncu (RO))
In 2010, I was awarded the «Lowendal Award» Bucharest and the Scenography Award at Piatra Neamț (Ro) Festival «I plead for you(th)”.

I have so far signed over 65 costumes and/or stage designs for theatre, dance, performance, both national and international projects (Romania, Hungary, Germany (Berlin-RadialSystem, Dortmund, Freiburg); co-production with Madagascar) in collaboration with multiple teams from the institutional or independent area.

Besides my work as a costume and stage designer, I have created art installations and interactive costumes for multimedia shows and contemporary art exhibitions (CNDB Bucharest, Konfrontacje Theater Festival – Lublin) and scenography workshops: e.g. U.B.B Cluj, Sf Gheorghe (RO).

Personal point of view
We are all witnessing a great moment in history to think about deeper connections between the past, present and the imagined future. There is a simple reason: as artists, we have now unlimited resources and technology: new tools for rewiring our own perceptions, aesthetics, emotions and the freedom to express them into unique “artefacts”. I love looking through the historical records and facts and noticing how subjective the angle that tells their storyline is. We absorb what resonates with us, and add our needs and beliefs, while being open-minded towards the resourceful statements created by a large number of timeless artists, with different backgrounds and popularity levels. We get to discover we’ve inherited a profound wisdom in our beings. The faith in the possibility that we get to become who we wish to be, regardless of our roots, how everything we imagine becomes possible through self-determination and confidence, collaborations and by keeping ourselves constantly well informed.
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